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Discover how to naturally and effectively stop a cough, cold, sore throat, or flu in its tracks using simple remedies, recipes, and practices inspired by Ayurveda and Yoga.


Typically, when Flu season comes around, most people just assume there is no way around it and wait their turn to suffer and chug cough syrups and sugary electrolyte drinks for weeks… but that’s NOT true.


All you have to do is implement some of the Ayurvedic recommendations I outline in this detailed 30-page guide and soon you will never be afraid of Flu season again!

Ayurvedic Guide to Fighting a Flu

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  • In this guide, you will discover

    • a brief overview of the typical understanding of the Flu, including its causes and treatments
    • the basics of Ayurveda and why it can be such a useful modality to have in your arsenal
    • the phases of progression that the flu goes through, from prodromal symptoms to the signs of active illness
    • the Ayurvedic perspective, pathology, and treatment protocols for Flu
    • how to eat and drink your way back to health with simple recipes and herbal tonics
    • how to make Ayurveda a lifestyle to prevent seasonal sicknesses

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