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What type of dad are you according to Ayurveda?

Have you ever wondered why some dads are the way they are? And some are just.. well.. not that way?

Why one dad enjoys making plans and being out of the house, but another dad may be perfectly content going with the flow and staying in all weekend?

Or how some dads can be so dang calm and patient with his kids, while the others are constantly finding themselves holding back all their steam and frustration?

Well.. lucky for you, Ayurveda might have the answers.

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That's right.

According to Ayurveda, an ancient science of living and system of medicine, those varying characteristics come down to the father’s Prakriti.

The term, “Prakriti,” comes from two terms: “Pra,” meaning “beginning” or “starting,” and “kriti,” meaning “creation” or “nature.” Literally translating as “since the beginning,” or “original nature,” Prakriti can be seen as a mind/body type, or constitution, that is given to you at birth.

Based on many factors such as your parents’ Prakritis, their state of health, and details around conception and birth, your Prakriti is a unique blueprint.

And according to Ayurveda, it is based on your unique combination of the five universal elements (space, air, fire, water, and earth) and classified according to the Tridosha- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Virtually, everyone, and everything, in universe are unique combinations of these five elements, and therefore, three doshas. This is why you can have so many similarities and differences with any one person you meet. It is also why no one person is ever completely alike, even identical twins.

The doshas are also a great way to both explain, and understand, why some fathers gravitate toward differing parenting styles. In the following article, I’m going to breakdown each of the three doshas according to how they may appear in fatherhood.

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The Vata Dad

The first dad is the “Vata dad,” usually on the thinner side and fairly tall, he has dry skin, a rough voice, and darker hair. You might have caught him with his kids walking on his back because he is always feeling tight and achy. Because of his interest in the more subtle or esoteric aspects of life, he is typically the “crunchy dad” of his friend group, often enlightening others about the newest conspiracies and health hacks.

With an abundance of creativity, never-ending ideas, and imagination larger than life, every day is really a new day when you have a Vata for a dad. He has an uncountable amount of unfinished projects waiting for him, but he would rather be building a fort and fighting off make-believe dragons with his children instead. He is always coming up with new games, inventions, and toys for his kids. The Vata dad has high bursts of energy that his kids love, and no problem acting silly or making a fool of himself. This can be seen in the outfits he lets them dress him in and boisterous farts that leave the kids laughing.

Because of his tendency to be flexible, spontaneous, and lighthearted, he lets his kids lead the way without falling into pushover territory. He is both receptive and firm, validating their feelings but also making it clear that they are in charge.

Highly in tune with his children's energy, he often senses something is up before they speak on it, and usually knows exactly what to do.

That high level of responsiveness, however, can also be a Vata dad’s kryptonite when it becomes too stimulating or stressful. When a dad is experiencing #VataProblems, his light, vibrant, and energetic mood can immediately come crashing down in a snap of a finger after one too many triggers, like sensory overload.

One of the most common Vata complaints is the classic “dad brain.” … Yep- that’s right… that heavy fog in your brain that hasn’t seemed to go away since you had your first kid isn’t just for the moms. “Mom/Dad brain” is a term used to describe the spaceyness, forgetfulness, and just straight up, delirium that results from things like not getting a good night’s sleep or eating enough nourishing foods.

These factors can also cause heightened levels of anxiety and worry, turning any flexible and daring dad into a cautious helicopter parent, constantly hovering over his children.

Their “crunchy tendencies” may progress into actual phobias and aversions, resulting in harsh boundaries between their children and those items (or situations, people, etc).

Under times of stress and being worn thin, these dads also have the highest capacity to speak harshly to their partner, children, and others without realizing it in the moment.

The final downside of having too much Vata going on is the instability that comes with it. Whether it is their struggle to maintain a regular routine, going back on a promise they made to their child, or randomly deciding to switch it up one day… they aren’t the most predictable parents of the bunch.

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The Pitta Dad

The next dad, the Pitta dad, is all-around average, athletic, and well-rounded. He usually has colored eyes, hair that started greying or balding earlier than they would have liked, and a very powerful aura demanding of attention.

Known as the proud dad of his friend group, he is always showing off his kids and sharing stories about all the cool things they can do. He can be seen, face red and flushed, giving his kids some friendly competition to build character. Pitta dads are so passionate about helping their children explore their abilities and interests that he will eagerly sign them up for (sometimes too many) extra-curricular activities.

As the most disciplined and structured of the doshas, Pitta dads are pretty predictable and consistent. If their child has an important event at school, they will be there. If their children have to be somewhere on time, a Pitta dad will have them there early, ready to go.

Pittas love to be the best and know as much as possible, and because of this, analyze every tiny situation to understand it, and if necessary, fix it. Is their child upset? Hungry? Tired? Sick? Going through a regression? Growing a second set of arms? They won’t stop until they figure it out and have resolutions.

Pitta dads also love to plan and be prepared for even the rarest of scenarios. Even a trip to the local market elicits a full to-do list and bag packed. If you managed to sneak into their private office, you would see that their computers are just full of spreadsheets, spreadsheets, lists, and more spreadsheets. From planning next year’s family vacation to keeping track of the money they spend on each kid, a Pitta keeps receipts.

Their persistence for greatness can have its downsides, especially if they have been skipping meals, getting woken up throughout the night, are under more pressure than usual, or have a competitive work environment. When Pitta gets triggered, it can cause a wildfire inside and around them. Starting with the fact that the whole family knows not to go into the bathroom after dad goes #2. Because of the natural fiery tendencies of a pitta, they tend to be a bit smellier when imbalanced.

The same fiery drive that makes their children feel protected can quickly transform into rage, annoyance, and frustration. Pitta dads typically have to put in more effort to manage their anger, easily losing their patience or getting frustrated over slight inconveniences. Like the typical TV dad who pushes his son to carry out his own dreams of being a professional athlete or getting into some elite university, a Pitta father can be so blinded by their own light and desire to be in control of everything (and everyone) around them that they push their children too hard and too far.

Often placing unrealistic expectations on his children and not being open to new ideas, a dad with a Pitta imbalance can come across as tough and demeaning. Which goes right into the final common #PittaProblem in fatherhood- not knowing when enough is enough, in all aspects of life. Like Red Foreman, the Pitta dad can come across as a bit of a hardass, and when not in control of their fury, are often the mood killers of the group. In work, an imbalanced Pitta dad usually puts their work before their family under the guise that they are supporting them, missing out on a lot of their children’s lives.

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Enroll in the following program to discover how to be that passionate nd devoted dad you want to be. Learn how to harness your Pitta with the right habits, nutritional choices, and herbal formulations!

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The Kapha Dad

Last, but definitely not least, is the Kapha Dad. Stockier, heavier, and thicker than his counterparts, Kapha dads are also softer and hairier too. They typically have deep blue or brown eyes, dark hair, and a deep, radio host-quality, voice.

Like Vata, he has no problem being silly and playing along with what his kids ask of him. But unlike Vata, this dad has the highest energy levels and stamina of all three doshas, and won’t crash or need a break along the way (*unless they are imbalanced).

Because of their forgiving nature and desire to make everyone happy. While they may come across as taking a more passive approach to parenting. He is often going along with whatever his children decided to do… and giving them whatever they want along the way.

Kapha dads are also very considerate of what his children may be going through and are the most likely to ask them “do want to talk about it?” to understand even better.

If he says he is going to do something or be somewhere, he will be there. Kaphas are the most loyal of the doshas and always stand behind their children (publicly), even if they may be wrong. They are naturally strong, sturdy, and dependable… all the reasons why their children feel so safe around them.

When we call someone a “natural dad,” they probably have a good amount of Kapha in them. They tend to be a lot more patient, easygoing, and nurturing than their Vata and Pitta counterparts without even trying. Their patience helps them allow their children the time needed to learn new concepts and skills. Because of their high intelligence levels, they are the default tutor for the kids.

A Kapha dad is very sentimental, always wanting the whole family to be together, reminiscing on good times, and never wanting things to change. He always puts his family first, easily (and eagerly) making the separation between work and home life… but he also puts their needs/wants before his, sometimes to a fault. Kapha dads never forget what’s important.

In fact… he never forgets anything. Which isn’t always a good thing if they’re imbalanced. When a dad has an aggravated Kapha dosha, his strong memory may pull up things from the past that make it difficult to trust a situation, and his stubbornness may make it difficult to ever let it go. This is especially true in situations is which they felt betrayed or disrespected by their children.

His more easy-going and passive approach to life easily crosses the line into the pushover side, resulting in his children acting spoiled and taking advantage of his want to please them.

Physically, he may suffer from weight gain and lack of physical fitness due to his preference for a more slow and sedentary lifestyle, which can both be a result of and a contribution to the Kapha imbalance. He may feel like he is missing out on certain aspects of his children’s lives because he cannot keep up or do what they are doing anymore.

Because of their love for developing strong bonds, a Kapha may promote a highly dependent relationship between them and their children. And both ways. Some children may grow dependent and attached to their Kapha dad, and/or the Kapha father may be too dependent on attached to their children, not allowing them to grow and experience life without them.

By learning how to harness your inner fire with the right lifestyle habits, nutritional choices, and herbal formulations you can keep that Kapha in check. Enroll in my “Understanding Kapha Dosha” program today for all the tricks of the trade!

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After reading through those three types of dads according to Ayurveda, which one did you most relate to? Ayurveda is such an incredible science and system of life, wellness, and disease prevention. As such, it provides such an immense amount of knowledge on how to approach life, relationships, selfcare, and so much more.

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